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Tenant’s Advice

Renting a property shouldn’t have to be a tough experience – although this advice can be market dependent, we still advise that if you are considering leasing a property then follow these tips to make your journey as stress free as possible.

Make sure you know as many details as possible of everyone who is to be on the lease
before you start looking. Most properties are now leased through an online portal that
allows you to swiftly enter information in when making an application. It is very important
when completing this process to make sure everything that is possible to fill out that you do
because if property managers have to go back for further information, then you run the risk
of having other fully complete applications jump to the top of the consideration list.
Alternatively, if it is not done through an online portal, then perhaps ask to grab an
application before you go and inspect and then have it manually all filled out, hand it to the
property manager on the spot of inspecting the property.

The start of the tenancy sets the tone so to speak, so making sure you inspect the property
and note anything down that needs to be asked about or needs clarity on the property
condition report. When signing your lease and obtaining the keys, make sure all questions
are dealt with so that you can start the tenancy on the best foot possible. Sometimes there
are problems that are unforeseen with the property, so by thoroughly checking the property
and cross referencing against the property condition report, then within 7 days of moving in
flagging this with the property manager, it can solve many upfront problems early at the
start of the tenancy rather than cause long term issues during the tenancy.

Make no mistake, this is one of the most important things you have to consider besides
paying rent on time. Owners do receive quarterly reports with pictures about the condition
of their property and this plays a huge baring on keeping tenants on for long term but not
only that, you can often get rent level consideration. If owners are considering on putting
the rent up but the reports have all come back crystal clean with a glowing report from the
property manager then often this can help in keeping the rent levels either the same or at a
modest increase level rather than the “market average”. Making sure you report all
maintenance items to the property manager can also be crucial rather than pretending
something isn’t there and then allowing the property manager to find out when the problem
is too big. This allows the owner and property manager to keep the property in as top
condition as possible.

Remember that when you are paying your rent by BPAY or online banking, it can take up to
2-3 business days to clear. So, it is always handy to make sure your auto pay date is set at
least 3 days in advance of when it is due. Remembering this is one of the most crucial
aspects that your property manager will rate you with for future tenancies. If you are going
to be late with your payments, make sure you advise the property manager BEFORE the due

date and not after as this allows them to inform the owners so that there are no surprises
come the end of month when the owners are due to be paid.

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    Atuti Atunga
    Atuti Atunga
    Very elaborate handover.. yet simple and precise
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    Lizandra Santos
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    Joyce Sunday
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    Shannon Check
    The staff are very friendly from the start and Lisa is extremely helpful making sure I understood everything and answering any questions I had.
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    Marina Gomes
    Perfect customer service with Vivians Real Estate, especially from Charlotte Pene, who have is all the support and information. Thank you for the amazing job.
    Beth Moore
    Beth Moore
    I can't thank Gill, Trent and the team enough for the years of quality service and advice. Gill took care of my rental properties for years and when the time was right, she sold them both for me achieving top dollar. Gill is second to none, the Queen of Real Estate!
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    Luke Roberts
    The team were great, communicated very well with us the whole time and we felt confident in their guidance.
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    Belén Robiolo
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    Emilia Scasso
    Amazing renting experience with Charlotte. She went through every single detail with us, making sure she’s there for us anytime!
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    Madison Perrie
    Such amazing staff at Vivian’s realestate! helped me find an amazing home and have been supported every step of the way!
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